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Corporate with AANI & DANI

Whether you are a startup business or big company, here at AANI & DANI we are happy to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

Highlighting Your Brand Is Our Mission

We customize your logo, tag and ribbon with our hundreds variety of leather, carton and wooden boxes.

Do you dream of the day when your famous logo is immediately recognized by the customer who received your sweet gift, or make sure that your customer will not mistake your special gift with similar products? Today it’s possible, with AANI & DANI. Thanks to our graphic designers packaging partners you know that your creativity is the only limit. You know it doesn’t happen overnight, and that it requires consistent effort – but it is definitely possible. Developing brand recognition is, in ways, the most important part of assuring success in business. It matters very little whether you are selling ideas, services, tasty snack food or shiny new automobiles. You want your packing to be unique, the rewards of the campaign can and will be sensitive greater.

Make no mistake – you must use all the marketing tools at your disposal to build a successful company. Consistent branding is the best, and this is what we do at AANI & DANI corporate. Marketing specialist will tell you that your brand should reflect not only what you do, but underscore who you are and proclaim your message every possible way. How many times have you been told that a frequent visual presence is essential to establish or widen the horizon of your brand? We offer you the possibility to personalize your packaging to improve your visibility.

Our Services

Corporate Discount Activation

An additional way to bring extra to your customer is to seal a contract between our companies and offer to each single of your beloved clients a special discount in any of our branches. This applies to banks, airlines, mobile phone operators.

Another Personalized Option

Is to create a special gift card with your branding. Choose a value to spend in our branches or a selected gift from our retail Range or our corporate catalogue to retrieve in all AANI & DANI stores.

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