RUBY Chocolate

Today, after 80 years of launching the white chocolate as third type of chocolate after dark and milk chocolate.

Last year, the fourth kind was announced, and called ruby chocolate made from RUBY cocoa beans.

Ruby chocolate is rich in berry taste and pink color naturally without any addition of ingredient, the flavor and color extracted from ruby cocoa beans. As the ruby beans contain a specific set of natures it took several years of research and development in the best chocolate factories in Belgium to get the final product (Ruby).

The ruby chocolate is unique and have complete new taste that you have never tasted before. It does not taste butter like dark chocolate or milk-flavored like milk chocolate, or sweet as white chocolate, but a new taste of red berries with red-pink color.

On September 5, 2017, an exclusive ceremony was launched to unveil Ruby chocolate. In addition, AANI & DANI are proud to be the first Saudi company in the Middle East to introduce Ruby in local markets to mark the 20th anniversary of the company.

Also, AANI & DANI are keen to introduce everything new in the world of chocolate in order to provide the best types of international chocolate with flavors that suit the needs of the local consumer.

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