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AANI & DANI began as a vision in the 1998s of Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim. Khaled knew that many European countries, particularly Belgium and Switzerland, produced the best chocolates, cakes, and sweets the world had to offer. Hundreds of flavors, along with various colors and textures, were painstakingly blended to create luxurious sweets, and presented in ways that appealed to all five senses. They were amazingly fresh, incredibly elegant and beautifully formed.


We make sure that our customers are close to us and will never forget our products when they enjoy tasting our fresh and sweets to satisfy their desired favorite choices.



Is part of our soul at AANI & DANI we believe that our chocolate lovers deserve the best original and organic Ingredients to enjoy a truly unforgettable and unique memorable experience when they taste our chocolate.



We always strive to make new tests and modern handcrafted designs that compete with world best standard chocolates, cakes and macarons by making our signature in each element we make.
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