Our Story

AANI & DANI began in the 1998s by Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim. Khaled knew that many European countries, particularly Belgium and Switzerland, produced the best chocolates, cakes, and sweets the world had to offer. Hundreds of flavors, along with various colors and textures, were painstakingly blended to create luxurious sweets, and presented in ways that appealed to all five senses. They were amazingly fresh, incredibly elegant and beautifully formed.

Yet, no one in the KSA produced chocolates of this distinct quality anywhere. Some sellers tried to import raw cocoa, as well as various chocolates and other sweets, but local consumers found them to be stale and bland tasting, as they had lost their freshness during the time in transit.

Khaled knew though that there was a great demand for luxury chocolates and other sweets of this quality. As the son of Sheikh Saleh Al-Othaim, founder of Al-Othaim Holding Establishment, Khaled was well acquainted with many successful businessmen in the Gulf region. He understood that many of them gave fine chocolates and sweets to their guests as well as their own families. If Khaled could create a business that sold the best Saudi chocolate, crafted locally by European trained chefs who used only the finest ingredient, it was clear that it would be a success throughout the region.

Khaled graduated from United States of America with Business Management degree, so he knew how to build a world-class company, care for his employees and their families and create an elegant customer experience.

Khaled made it his mission to offer the best Chocolates, Cakes, and Macarons in the Kingdom and to give local consumers the same level of quality that was offered throughout Europe.

He began by bringing in a master chef directly from Belgium, trained in the fine art of chocolate and confectionery making. And, to ensure every single AANI & DANI product was of the highest quality, Khaled insisted on using only the freshest, finest ingredients, presented in elegant boxes and displays to highlight his creations.

With great excitement, AANI & DANI opened their first shop in the Al-Fayha District of Riyadh City in March of 1998. Locals and visitors alike were quickly impressed with the selection, quality, and value they received. A wide collection of fine chocolates, including Belgian, German, and Swiss, amazed all who tried them. French Macarons, cakes, and Sabaya 

were also on display, highlighting AANI & DANI’s incredible ability to produce the finest sweets available anywhere.

Today, AANI & DANI has grown to include many locations throughout the Kingdom and Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim is recognized as a leader in the Food and Beverage Industry, making the Top 10 List in Forbes Middle East magazine. Together with long-time European Executive Chef and Chocolatier, Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim continues to create and offer the best European chocolates, cakes, macarons, and other sweets in all of Saudi Arabia.

Please visit any of our locations and experience a new level of luxury. Whether for a special occasion, event, or just a treat for yourself, take the time to enjoy an AANI & DANI delight today.

Our Quality

Here at AANI & DANI, we guarantee that we use the finest raw materials imported from the best suppliers worldwide, to be carefully developed to suit customers' needs in terms of high quality and reasonable prices

Our Factory

AANI & DANI products are made with the most advanced equipment. Our high standard ISO certified factory is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our recipes have a combination of our local taste and European expertise taste resulting in distinctive international high standard products

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